Junior Tukkie Grade 11 Top Achiever’s Function

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Junior Tukkie Grade 11 Top Achiever’s Function

On Thursday 28th and Friday 29th, Dr Taban gave a keynote speech at the University of Pretoria’s Junior Tukkie Grade 11 Top Achiever’s Function.  He was welcomed by Dr Petrus Lombard, the undergraduate recruitment manager, and the rest of his team.

Dr Taban encouraged the students never to give up on their dreams and to cultivate a “child-like” fearlessness when pursuing their goals.  He related the story of his life, from humble beginnings in his home village in South Sudan to where he is now, a highly qualified medical specialist in the field of pulmonology.  Dr Taban is also a proud alumnus of the University of Pretoria.  He also introduced the students to his three life principles: Passion, Determination and Consistency.

In every opportunity we get, we should endeavour to encourage and inspire our young people because they are indeed the future of our nation and our continent at large.

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  1. Dr Petrus Lombard

    What an amazing 2 sessions. Please get his book and read it. You can also help us to supporthis dream to build a boarding school in South Sudan. Please email Mr at Junior.tukkie@up.ac.za
    Dr Petrus Lombard

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