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About the Foundation

The Emmanuel Taban Foundation was established by Dr Taban and his wife Motheo Phalatse-Taban

While he has achieved immense success in his chosen profession of medicine, driven by a passion for patient care and excellent delivery of healthcare services, he remains concerned about the dire circumstances that many African children face due to a lack of good quality education.  Aiming to assist in addressing this gap, The Emmanuel Taban Foundation was established by Dr Taban and his wife Motheo Phalatse-Taban. 

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The story of Dr Emmanuel Taban is a compelling one.  Growing up in abject poverty in war-torn, rural South Sudan to becoming one of the most respected medical specialists in the field of pulmonology, his has been a truly inspirational journey.  His resilience in overcoming these extremely challenging circumstances was largely fueled by a burning desire to receive an education.  Somehow, he had a strong belief that education was the most promising tool he had to rise out of poverty and hardship and to help improve the economic circumstances of his family.  It is this belief that has spurred him on to continue to pursue excellence and reach the highest echelons of his career, beyond acquiring his first medical degree.


The Emmanuel Taban Foundation, a registered non-profit organisation (Reg:  263-302 NPO), aims to address the critical gap in quality secondary education and skills development in young people on the African continent.

Our Vision

The vision of the Emmanuel Taban Foundation is to positively impact society through supporting the education and skills development of young people at secondary school level, thereby enabling them to reach their full potential through access to better quality education than they would have otherwise had.  South Africa and indeed Africa has a critical shortage of skills, especially amongst the youth and it is this challenge that the foundation aims to address.  The Foundation will endeavour to build networks and collaborations with like-minded organisations and individuals towards the achievement of these goals.

Life Philosophy

Dr Emmanuel Taban is a strong advocate for the values of hard work, honesty, integrity and excellence.  He believes that effort, applied consistently, will always yield results.  The three most important values that underpin his life philosophy are PASSION, DETERMINATION and CONSISTENCY.  It is these values that he hopes to impart to the youth of Africa so that they too may fulfil their potential as he has been able to.

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