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    Benefits of Mentoring for Young People

    Mentoring is often one component of a program that involves other elements, such as tutoring or life skills training and coaching. The supportive, healthy relationships formed between mentors and mentees are both immediate and long-term and contribute to a host of benefits for mentors and mentees.

    The role of the mentor is not merely to provide guidance and advice on how to accomplish certain tasks skilfully. The mentor’s primary role is twofold:

    • To provide career development behaviours such as coaching, providing challenging assignments and fostering the mentee’s visibility.
    • To provide psychosocial support such as counselling, support and role modelling. The role of the mentee is to assume responsibility for his or her own growth and to see feedback from the mentor as an opportunity to grow and improve their skills. For mentoring to work the mentor co-creates a learning partnership with a mentee.

    Mentoring is a journey towards empowerment not only through the transfer of knowledge but through the commitment to relationship building as a vehicle through which knowledge, wisdom and skills are transferred. As such, mentoring is a process driven rather than end-product focused endeavour.

    Scholarship Fundraising

    The Emmanuel Taban Foundation, a registered non-profit organisation (Reg: 263-302 NPO), aims to address the critical gap in quality secondary education and skills development in young people on the African continent.


    While he has achieved immense success in his chosen profession of medicine, driven by a passion for patient care and excellent delivery of healthcare services, he remains concerned about the dire circumstances that many African children face due to a lack of good quality education.  Aiming to assist in addressing this gap, The Emmanuel Taban Foundation was established by Dr Taban and his wife Motheo Phalatse-Taban. 

    How you can make a difference:

    All journeys begin somewhere …. and unfurling your mentorship potential is no different!

    The role of the mentee is to assume responsibility for his or her own growth and to see feedback from the mentor as an opportunity to grow and improve their skills.

    What are the benefits of mentoring?

    Mentoring is a very powerful tool. It requires much planning, effort and energy which should all be directed towards attaining specific benefits for your organisation. It can be used for leadership and management development. It supports and reinforces training and skills development interventions. It facilitates learnerships by appointing workplace mentors and coaches to support learners with the application of skills after training. It aids in the induction and orientation of new employees or managers. It assists with career development. It promotes succession planning and skills transfer. It promotes teamwork and sound working relationships. It assists with the implementation of performance management. It contributes to job satisfaction. It accelerates employment equity It builds competence within the organisation It contributes to employee retention. 

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