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    All proceeds of books sales go towards the foundation

    We operate predominantly in South Africa and Africa and we believe in the transformative power of education.

    Education in the form of fund raising for scholarships and bursaries.

    Supporting skills development of young people at secondary school level.

    The vision of the Emmanuel Taban Foundation is to positively impact society through supporting the education and skills development of young people at secondary school level, thereby enabling them to reach their full potential through access to better quality education than they would have otherwise had.  South Africa and indeed Africa has a critical shortage of skills, especially amongst the youth and it is this challenge that the foundation aims to address.  The Foundation will endeavour to build networks and collaborations with like-minded organisations and individuals towards the achievement of these goals.

    Life Philosophy

    Dr Emmanuel Taban is a strong advocate for the values of hard work, honesty, integrity and excellence.  He believes that effort, applied consistently, will always yield results.  The three most important values that underpin his life philosophy are PASSION, DETERMINATION and CONSISTENCY.  It is these values that he hopes to impart to the youth of Africa so that they too may fulfil their potential as he has been able to.