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    Quality Education

    While he has achieved immense success in his chosen profession of medicine, driven by a passion for patient care and excellent delivery of healthcare services, he remains concerned about the dire circumstances that many African children face due to a lack of good quality education.  Aiming to assist in addressing this gap, The Emmanuel Taban Foundation was established by Dr Taban and his wife Motheo Phalatse-Taban. 

    Education is a fundamental driver of personal, national and global development. Investing in education is extremely important if you are a parent or even if you want to further yourself professionally. It is unlikely that there is ever a point in anyone’s life where learning and furthering yourself becomes unimportant or unnecessary. It is only through education that people are able to improve themselves. One of the most important factors for escaping from poverty is education.

    “The right to quality education includes having a school where learners are safe to learn and have the adequate infrastructure and facilities to do so, but our research has found that this is not the reality for many learners in the country.”