Kelsey Fisher

Kelsey Fisher


15 Years Old


Bernardino Heights High School


Drawing, Art, Travel, Outdoors, Movies, Computers


Reading, Cooking, Painting, Daydreaming

Future Plans

Live a More active lifestyle, Find new Passions to explore, try something new outside comfort zone, and learn another Language

Kelsey would love to study to become a doctor

Kelsey was identified as having high potential by The Emmanuel Taban Foundation and with funding assistance from the foundation, was moved to a better resourced school within the Cape Town area.

Her passion is to help people. It is always better to give than to receive and so too she would love to give of herself in helping others. Her second career choice is to become a Veterinarian for she genuinely has a love for animals too, they are people to her. Her third option is to become a Judge, she says that the world is always filled with conflicts and good judges are needed. 

She believes in equality and fairness and that the world needs more of that. Being in that position comes with a lot of responsibility but she believes she will be a bale to make change and implement it for the benefit of everyone.